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General Terms and Conditions

Mystère et Compagnie - Escape Game in Le Havre


These general terms and conditions of sale govern the activities of Mystère et Compagnie, whose head office is located at 73 rue Anatole France in Le Havre (76600).
They are brought to the attention of any individual or legal entity wishing to make a purchase via the website and set out the contractual provisions and conditions applicable to any reservation made on this site.


All reservations are made in real time, according to the availability of each escape game room. Reservations are made for a specific day and time, and are only valid for that time slot. The sale will be firm and definitive only after receipt of the confirmation email from Mystère et Compagnie mentioning the reservation number. The purchaser’s bank account will immediately be debited for the value of the services.
Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to cancel any session booked if players are more than fifteen minutes late. In this case, the session cannot be reimbursed. If the delay is less than 15 minutes, the time will be deducted from the scheduled time in the escape game room.

Refunds are subject to two conditions:
The booking was made and the cancellation requested 48 hours before the start of the mission.
The reservation was made 48 hours before the start of the mission and the cancellation was requested 6 hours before the start of the mission.
Any reservation that is not honored and does not meet the above-mentioned refund conditions will not be refunded or exchanged.


Access to a room can only be granted on the date and at the time chosen at the time of booking and indicated in the confirmation email. The person who made the reservation must be able to show the confirmation email concerning the game session.

As escape game rooms have age limits (12 for Le trésor du Luchador and 16 for Game Night 92), Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to ask players for proof of age.

Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to refuse access to any room or facility to any person whose behavior suggests the use of alcohol or other drugs, or is otherwise inappropriate for an escape game session, without refund.

Users of an escape game room agree to respect all its equipment (decor, furnishings, audiovisual installations, electronic devices, etc.). Any damage caused intentionally or as a result of unauthorized or improper use of an object or installation will be subject to additional billing, the amount of which will be determined by Mystère et Compagnie based on the cost of the necessary repairs.

Each room in the escape game rooms is equipped with a video surveillance and listening system to help players (by giving clues) to advance in their mission. No recording of any kind is made.

It is strictly forbidden to film or photograph inside escape game rooms. Any attempt or flagrant offence will result in immediate termination of the game session for the entire team, with no refund possible. The distribution of recordings of the interior of escape game rooms, on any network whatsoever, is liable to prosecution by the competent courts.


The prices offered by Mystère et Compagnie correspond to a one-hour session in the escape game room chosen at the time of booking, all taxes included, and depend on the number of players:
team of 3 players: €87 per game – €29/person
team of 4 players: €104 per game – €26/person
team of 5 players: €115 per game – €23/person
team of 6 players: €126 per game – €21/person

Any service not included in the initial booking will give rise to an additional invoice, the price of which will depend on the additional service(s) requested.
All requests for “tailor-made” services (EVJF, EVG, birthdays, teambuilding, etc.) will give rise to an estimate, the price of which will depend on the services required, and which must be paid for before D-day. Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to cancel a request if full payment has not been received.

A billing adjustment will be made if a group whose number of players entered at the time of reservation is different from the number of players who show up for the escape game session.

Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. All services ordered will be invoiced according to the prices in force at the time of booking.


Mystère et Compagnie has entrusted its payment system to a service provider specialized in securing online payments and does not store any data related to the payment system in its databases.


By ordering through the Mystère et Compagnie website ( ), you consent to the use by Mystère et Compagnie of your personal data which are necessary to ensure the proper processing of orders (Last name, First name, e-mail address, telephone number). Mystère et Compagnie undertakes to use this data only for the purposes of information and commercial offers relating to Mystère et Compagnie games, and not to divulge it to outside companies except at the request of an authority authorized by law and within the framework of the legal provisions in force.

All this information is treated with the utmost rigor and discretion, and stored on private servers with secure access.


Anyone using the Mystère et Compagnie facilities agrees to comply with all safety measures provided, whether they are contractual, posted on the website or in the premises, or given verbally by the Mystère et Compagnie team.

It is strictly forbidden to consume food or drink inside escape game rooms.

All Mystère et Compagnie premises are non-smoking.

Pets are not allowed in the building.

At least one person of legal age must be present in each group taking part in an escape game session. Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to request proof of identity in order to verify the age of participants.

The rooms dedicated to each escape game universe are filmed in real time, to help players advance their mission and also to guarantee their safety in the event of problems in the room. Mystère et Compagnie reserves the right to intervene in a room during a game session if any situation requiring the Game Master’s physical intervention is observed on camera (intentional damage to the room, endangerment of players, etc.).

Anyone using the Mystère et Compagnie facilities agrees to take note of fire safety and evacuation measures and to comply with them if necessary. Evacuation plans and exits are clearly identified within the premises. Each person is reminded of the safety instructions before each escape game session.

It is absolutely forbidden to bring into any premises, including the escape game rooms, items considered to be (1) physical hazards (weapons, explosive, flammable, oxidizing, pressurized or liquefied gas, corrosive), (2) hazardous to health (toxic, corrosive to the skin, irritant/sensitizer, carcinogenic/teratogenic) and (3) hazardous to the aquatic environment.

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