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Book your escape game in Le Havre

Discover one of our missions and immerse yourself in our original worlds!

Mystère et compagnie welcomes you to Le Havre for an unforgettable experience

Escape game in Le Havre

Surprise a loved one with an escape game! You can even double the surprise by hiding a small gift in one of our rooms! It's a chance to create unforgettable memories!

2 MISSIONS to explore

3 to 6 PLAYERS to build your team

Personalize the experience

60 MINUTES to achieve the goal

Our Escape Game rooms

Book online now and choose your theme and schedule!


From age 16


Choosing your room

Book & pay online

See you on the big day!

Team building in Le Havre

Organize an original corporate evening or team building event in Le Havre for up to 6 people.

Celebrate an event in Le Havre with us!

What's the occasion for an Escape Game?

Customizable experience

Hen party

Memories guaranteed for the bride and groom!

Customizable experience


Treat yourself to an unforgettable birthday!

Customizable experience

Bachelor party

Immerse yourself in one of our worlds!

Customizable experience

Team building

Improve your teams' communication and cooperation!


Any questions?

Assemble a team of 2 to 6 people, enter a world to complete a mission and escape. But be careful! You only have a limited amount of time (usually one hour).

In our immersive settings, you'll have exactly 60 minutes to solve the riddles, search for clues and trigger mechanisms to uncover secret passages and complete your mission.

Throughout the game, a Game Master will follow your progress with the help of cameras, and will be able to guide you with clues. You don't need to have a high level of general knowledge to take part, you just need to be creative, logical and, above all, a team player to get the job done!

Choose one of our 2 missions. Their respective levels of difficulty are equivalent, but each has its own specific features. New missions will be proposed shortly.

Discover : Le Trésor du Luchador / Gamenight 92

Both rooms are playable in French and English if you wish. To do so, simply indicate "Language of play ENGLISH" when booking.

Whatever the weather, sun or rain, friends, family, EVJF/EVG, colleagues... Mystère et Compagnie is accessible to all!

You don't have to be a great athlete... However, it will be essential to be able to crouch or climb stairs to access certain areas. You don't need to have a high level of general knowledge to take part, you just need to be creative, logical and, above all, a team player to get the job done!

At least one adult must be part of the playing team at the time of booking and on the day of the activity!

We also welcome players from the age of 12 and 16 for the Gamenight 92 mission. We remind you that at least one adult must be part of the group of players!

Our 2 missions are designed to optimally accommodate teams of 3, 4 or 5 players. With 3 players, the experience will be more complicated, and you'll need to be even more quick-witted! Even if the intensity of play is lower, and you're likely to step on each other's toes, it's still possible to book for 6 people!

You've made a reservation and one of your scheduled players won't be there. Reserved places are not nominative, so you can find a "replacement" right up to the big day! However, we cannot reimburse you for "the absent player's place" if you turn up in fewer numbers than booked.

The cost of a game varies according to the number of people in the team (from 2 to 6).

Teams of 2 or 3 - €87 incl. tax per game

4-person team - €104 incl. tax per game

5-person team - €115 incl. tax per game

Team of 6 - €126 incl. tax per game

Reservations can only be made via our website. Check availability for each room and book your slot.
If you encounter any problems when booking, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone.

Online payment is made by credit card via a secure payment service.

Absolutely, we can accommodate up to 12 people (2 groups of 6) for team-building sessions, a seminar or a simple informal evening.
For all inquiries, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone.

A birthday, bachelorette or stag party? There's no shortage of opportunities to spend an intense hour with friends and family!
For any request, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone.

We offer online booking cancellation. All you need to do is send a request by e-mail ( with the subject "Cancellation" followed by the order number.

A full refund will be made under two single conditions:

  • The booking was made and the cancellation requested 48 hours before the start of the mission.
  • The reservation was made no later than 48 hours before the start of the mission and the cancellation was requested 6 hours before the start of the mission.

Bring comfortable clothes and shoes. You may have to bend down on a dusty floor.

Our premises are located right in the center of Le Havre, 10 minutes' walk from the town hall and the SNCF train station.

Are you coming by streetcar?
Palais de Justice stop

Coming by bus?
Ormeaux stop - line C2

We ask you to arrive 10 minutes ahead of the booked time. If you're late, you'll have less time to complete your mission.

So plan 10 minutes before the hour to receive the briefing, 60 minutes of play, and finally 10 minutes of debriefing to look back on the most memorable moments of the mission.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to welcome you on our premises while the group is carrying out its mission. Allow around 1h30 between entering and leaving our premises.

If you want to succeed in your mission, consider yourself locked in, but know that in case of emergency you can always get out thanks to an emergency button.

Bear in mind that the Game Master will accompany you throughout your session, and can intervene if necessary.

The Game Masters follow your progress during your mission with cameras and microphones, but nothing is recorded.

No special instructions for pregnant women. You'll just need to be able to crouch or climb stairs to access certain areas.

The reception areas are. However, due to special access configurations, our rooms are unfortunately inaccessible to people with reduced mobility.

During the mission, the Game Master will give you visual and/or audio clues. Some of the puzzles require a great deal of sight and hearing. We therefore advise you to always have at least one player in your group with the ability to perceive.

Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail ( or by phone.

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